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by Eric Cherry

I've been a fiction writer since forever. I write fantasy and science fiction, or some blending of the two, and most of it is dark.

Some of my short stories are nigh impossible to find, but the ones that aren't will be linked here.


Short Story, Steampunk Fantasy, Free Online

This was a fun story to write: a steampunk engineer has an illusion-shattering encounter with a dragon, along with a life-mangling fight with miracle-working priest of the Old Gods.

Alexei Collier published it at Dream Quarry in 2014.


Short Story, Supervillain Sci-fi, Kindle Purchase

I had a conversation about mad scientists with a cadre of artists in Seattle. One of them realized that a fine anthology idea was at hand, and I came up with a fun story.

Dr. Shock is an avuncular madman who takes up mentoring other mad scientists. Dr. Brainbridge is a deranged visionary who makes a dangerous protégé. Their disagreement ends the world (these things happen), and then our story begins.

Blaze Ward published it in the collection "I Like My Science...MAD!" in 2019.

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