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Welcome to Sounds Painful!

Ages ago, I had a blog with this domain. I wrote about interesting problems I'd encountered with massage clients. I'd just encountered an issue with serratus posterior's inferior aspect for the first time, and I had a good time delving into it in a post. (It turns out that it was most widely read by bots, mostly out of Russia and surrounding territories.)

I lost the domain when it expired, and before I could renew it properly, some domain squatter snagged it. They offered to sell it back to me for fifteen grand, at which point I found other ways to spend my time.

Two years ago, the pandemic wrecked my nomadic lifestyle. (More about that some other time, perhaps.) I found myself in need of an apartment, and I found the perfect spot in Harlem. ("Perfect" is not an understatement, here.)

Along the way, I managed to finish a major technology project. (Definitely more on that later.) This one, and others to come, required getting a GooglePlay developer account (and, with it, some kind of quasi-professional presence online).

I have a few endeavors -- massage therapy, fiction writing, Android development -- that can each benefit from having a website. I checked out whether my old domain was available yet, and it was! So, here we are at Sounds Painful.

Can you book a massage with me? Sure! There's a form on the home page for contacting me. In New York, I work out of a spa in Midtown. In Arlington, VA, I work out of a spa in the Crystal City Shops. (I mentioned being a nomad before this, yes? Yes, I did.)

Can you read a story I've written? Of course! There's a page here for links to my published works, some free and some not.

What's this about Android apps? There's more to come on that. Suffice to say that I am, technically, an Android Developer (as novice as they come, but still). I have a project that I'm finishing, and there are others to come.

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